Location: Russia, Kazan
Stage: Open architectural and town planning contest
Authors: Melnikova Olga Aleksandrovna - the main architect of the project. The author of the project idea.
Architects: Shcherbakova E.V., Chusovitina Yu.A., Sdobnova L.S.
Award: Diploma for the original urban planning solution
About the project: The concept idea of Masterplan is the shape of the hand holding the "sun" in the palm of the hand - an iconic object that is significant from the river station and from demi-island. Such a core object is proposed to make the multifunctional center "Skullcap". The facility will perform year-round sports functions with the main focus with rock climbing. The proximity with the beach area provides seasonal function for aquatube.
Stunning views on Kazan Kremlin are opening from the rooftop of "Skullcap". Kazan is proud of its traditions and the proposed dynamic shape of the facade, partly reminiscent of the well-known skullcap, can become a new object of attraction. This object is supposed be noticed even by those tourists who don't have time to get to the island, but there will be interested to return and get to know about the city.
Finally, three braids of the pontoons support the concept of shaping. Placing the pontoons allowed us to provide convenient zoning of the main commercial functions, eliminating their intersections as much as possible, namely: the rental function of water catamarans and water motorcycles, boats. The farthest pontoon is romantic sites for dates and meeting places - "Kazan Maldives".
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